Galya Gold

The luxurious yellow gold and Swarovski crystals of Galya Gold shine strong, contrasting with the plated metal and white lacquered dial. Anti-scratches material and design made in Switzerland, this timepiece is more than an accessory... it's a statement!

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Code Eve Galya Gold

'Live', 'Love' and ‘Rise', the three inspiring words engraved on the bezel each represent a facet of what makes us complete: our most fundamental rights as men and women alike. The freedom to live as we please, to love who we want, and to rise as high as we wish. Whatever our gender, origins or status.

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Enjoy a hint of luxury in your daily routine with Galya Gold, the watch for all women who like to live in style. A hug, a smile, or simply a moment to ourselves… it’s all about those little things that make everything better, keep us going, and help us rise.

CODE EVE has embodied femininity and strength in one watch. The triquetra (triple knot), at the base of the dial, symbolizes a modern woman's multiple roles: the mother, the lover and the professional. The triple lobe symbol is inlaid with nine Swarovski® crystals and playfully rotates at will - a reference to our freedom “not to choose” and be all we can be, however we want to be.

Code Eve

The world is your oyster. Whether for work or vacation, there isn’t a border to stop you. Wherever you go, keep a piece of home with you by adjusting the dual-time sub-dial to your home time.

CODE EVE capitalizes on the know-how that has built Switzerland's reputation of excellence. When buying this watch, you are not only getting a highly precise and beautiful piece of technology, but also contributing to helping our partner NGOs support women and promote gender equality across the globe.

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