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The first watch ever to support women empowerment initiatives

The freedom not to choose
Code EveCode Eve

Lover or mother, sexy or bossy… why choose?
We care not for roles or definitions. Be who
you want to be, when you want to be.

Code Eve

More than accessories, Code Eve watches are daily companions, timely reminders that every minute of every hour belongs to us and to us only.

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A woman on the move

We focus on the needs of the modern-day woman: always active, always versatile, always on-the-go. Women today juggle with a multiplicity of roles, at work, in their family or in society. Every single one of our watches comes with the unique Code Eve signature detail: a rotating triple-knot engraved with 9 exquisite Swarovski crystals. The triple-knot moves with you or quiets down with you, reminding you that in the perpetual agitation of life, it is good to take a moment to breathe and stand still.

A watch, a symbol

Like the peace sign or the breast cancer ribbon, Code Eve watches were ideated as a statement piece, a visual code that unites women everywhere who defy the status quo, reject the established roles, and challenge the glass ceilings.

As expert watchmakers, our goal is to create more than beautiful and perfectly precise timepieces. Our team is dedicated to advancing gender equality and contribute to women empowerment initiatives. This is why every time you buy a Code Eve watch, a donation is made to a women empowerment organization like recently with Womanity, a Swiss NGO supporting women education, health and self-determination around the world.

A watch, a warranty

All our watches are designed in Switzerland by expert crafters with decades of experience in the art of watchmaking. We chose the highest-quality materials and finest technology to make sure that our watches are not only elegant and refined, but also adapt to any occasion, without ever failing you. Confident in our quality we offer a full 24 months guarantee.

Welcome to Code You

Every day is new day at Code Eve. From new watches and jewels to new impactful initiatives, we always have something special in store for YOU.

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